Who we are

Michael Camilleri
Builder/ Director
Michael Camilleri is a Registered Domestic and Commercial Builder (DB-U ; CB-L)
Michael’s passion is thoughtful design and its seamless delivery. From his carpentry roots, and over the course of his 12+ years in the industry, he has acquired a broad and extensive knowledge base covering all facets of construction and property development. Michael’s passionate, professional and determined approach to business provides the driving force to the operational aspects of the company.

Myer Scott
Builder/ Director
Myer Scott is a Registered Domestic and Commercial Builder. (DB-U ; CB-L)
Myer’s early career, crafting fine furniture, afforded his keen eye for detail and design. Over the subsequent 20+ years, he has honed his skills, leading to successful fruition many complex construction projects. His hands-on approach and exceptional managerial skills are the foundation for results that consistently exceed client expectation.