Absolute Abbotsford

Culivated good taste and a relaxed riverside manner, this independant pocket of Melbourne is fast becoming the pulse of urban living

Bordered by prestige inner precincts and 3km from the CBD, Abbotsford is a member of Melbourne’s cultural hub, located close to all that is urban Melbourne. Where café life has creative edge, conversation is relaxed and living is easy.

The diverse streetscapes, bars, cafés, restaurants and retail studios of Smith and Johnston Street compliment the exotic chaos of Victoria Street’s Little Saigon district. Just minutes away, the green banks of the Yarra River slow the pace. The Collingwood Children’s Farm is a nature fix in the middle of urban life while Abbottsford Convent’s galleries, performance spaces, open air cinemas, eateries and markets dish out fresh produce, artisan goods and summer tunes.

This carefully designed, community conscious development is the collaborative work of MLS Built and Neil Architecture and the culmination of a shared commitment to inspire through urban design

Designed to give buyers a viable alternative to local apartments and semi-detached housing, Stafford is a masterful use of space and a new typology for multi-residential dwellings that feeds ground level open spaces onto upper levels and roof top terraces.

For sales inquiries please call
Roland Paterson

Tph. 03 9417 1956
Mob. 0417 367 997

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Designed by Neil Architecture


Built by mls